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Friday, November 4

8:30am PDT

10:30am PDT

231: Effectively Incorporating the Five Practices into Daily Math Instruction PSCC, Primrose DLisa Matthews 221: Building Coherence with Partial Products & Partial Quotients PSCC, Primrose CMark Ellis 222: Exploring & Building Language Through Discussion-Based Math PSCC, Mesquite HLorelei Coddington • Dr. Stacy Kula 223: Rethinking Fraction Kits PSCC, Smoke Tree DCharlene Jovel 261: Decoding Joyful Engagement Through Cryptography PSCC, Smoke Tree EMelody Morris • Clara Mateo 262: Centering Students in High School Mathematics Renaissance, Chino ABarbara Beske • Jessica Skwir 263: Activating Agency for Emerging Multilingual Learners (EML) Renaissance, Chino BCandice Tyloch • Micheal Marsh 264: Using Summative Assessment Data to Inform Instruction Renaissance, San JacintoTarin Barrow 265: Culturally Responsive Strategies Create Independent Learners Hilton, Horizon IILaila Nur 266: Talk Nerdy To Me Hilton, Oasis 2Cassie Hohne • Elizabeth Vaca 267: Rediscover the Joy of Math By Using Algebra Tiles for HS Hilton, Plaza AGlenda Wilkins 268: Empowering All Students to Take Ownership of Their Learning Hilton, TapestryKyndall Brown • Pamela Seda 241: Striking a Balance: Integrating Concepts and Procedures Hilton, Plaza BJoanie Funderburk • Curtis Brown 242: Transform Tasks to Spark Curiosity Surprise and Joy Hilton, Plaza CRaj Shah 243: Differentiate the Questions NOT the Task. Hilton, Plaza DSusan Hoffmier 203: Social Justice ∩ Mathematical Modeling = Meaningful Learning Hilton, Horizon ISandhya Raman 251: Options for Struggling Students Who Need 3-4 Years of Math PSCC, Smoke Tree ADr. Robert Gerver 252: Positioning Students as Problem-Posers PSCC, Smoke Tree BChris Bolognese • Emily Dennett 253: Making Sense of Accumulation - A Big Idea in Calculus PSCC, Smoke Tree CGail Burrill 254: Discovering the Joy of Statistical Inference via Simulation PSCC, Smoke Tree FDaren Starnes 255: Long Division: It's Not Synthetic Any More Renaissance, CactusDarrell Trussell 256: Invigorating High School Mathematics Renaissance, SierraEric Milou 257: Poe's Pendulum & Desmos: A Study of Transforming Functions Hilton, Palm CanyonKristan Morales 282: Tools for PLCs that Lead to Equitable and Ambitious Teaching Renaissance, VenturaLiz Ramirez • Jennifer Wilson 271: Redefining Efficiency to Disrupt Marginalization Renaissance, CatalinaBerkeley Everett • Jennifer Hagman 272: Leveraging Equity: Creating a Legacy for All Learners Renaissance, AndreasTwana Young 273: The "R" in CRL (Culturally Responsive Learning) Renaissance, Pueblo AAndrew Byrns 274: Culturally Responsive Instruction: Math Language Routines Renaissance, Pueblo BJenny Lopez • MaryEllen Nicholson 275: Experience the Joy of a Thinking Classroom Renaissance, Santa RosaDan Shuster • Sonali Pillai 276: It's Not Last Year's Teacher's Fault Hilton, Oasis 3Amanda Beeler • Patricia Vandenberg 211: Work Stations for Number Sense That Work for K-2! PSCC, Primrose AKim Sutton 212: How to Get Your Kids Thinking & Speaking Like Mathematicians PSCC, Mesquite ALesley Fields • Marilyn Saucedo 232: Using Discourse to Reignite ALL Kids' Joy of Learning Math PSCC, Mesquite BBarbara Blanke • Kimberly Kelly 233: The Joy of Fractions-An Entry Point for All PSCC, Mesquite CKatheleen Martin • Kelly Kursteiner 234: Research-Based Approaches to Teaching for Equity PSCC, Mesquite DSarah Burns • Debbie Leslie 235: Building Discovery by Scaffolding Routines PSCC, Mesquite ELeslie Whitaker • Jen Austin 236: Demystifying Secondary Math for Elementary Teachers PSCC, Mesquite FShelby Strong 237: The Power of Silence - Teaching More by Talking Less PSCC, Mesquite GKathleen Jalalpour • Corrinne Lieu 202: Strategies for Standing up to those who Oppose Change PSCC, Oasis 3Jo Boaler 201: The Power of Progressions: Untangling the Knotty Areas of Teaching and Learning Math PSCC, Primrose BGraham Fletcher 281: Project Based Learning and Equity Renaissance, Mojave Lrng CtrJaime Park • Imelda Nava

1:30pm PDT

321: Kid Created Kid Favorites - Math Games With Dice & Cards PSCC, Primrose CJohn Felling 322: Tasks that Trigger Thoughtful Talk PSCC, Mesquite HLaurie Boswell 323: Building Joyful Math Communities through Math Festivals PSCC, Smoke Tree DDaniel Kline 361: Cultivating Curious Math Classrooms PSCC, Smoke Tree ETraci Jackson 362: The Sweet 16 Top Teacher Moves Renaissance, CatalinaCHRIS SHORE 363: Asset-Based Assessments that Celebrate Student Thinking Renaissance, Chino AJessica Balli 365: Math Stories for the Classroom Renaissance, San JacintoHozby Galindo 366: Start with the Good Stuff! Renaissance, Santa RosaJosh Britton 367: Create Assessments with Desmos Hilton, Horizon IIJulie Reulbach 368: Building Agency with Field Guides for Exploring Mathematics Hilton, Oasis 2Ellen Crews • Kristina Boian 369: Talk Data to Me - Data Talks for Connection and Empowerment Hilton, Palm CanyonTracy Sola 341: Reimagine Problem Solving with Diverse Populations Hilton, Plaza BShelley Kriegler • Cynthia Raff 342: Data Science in Action: Connecting Math & PE Hilton, Plaza CAndrea Barraugh • Alex Cann 343: Building beloved community in middle school math Hilton, Plaza DMary Raygoza • Amanda Ruiz 302: Experience the Joy of Math with MATHCOUNTS Math Club Hilton, Horizon IGenevieve Esmende 351: Put the "FUN" in FUNctions! PSCC, Smoke Tree ACathy Lichodziejewski • Janet Marquez 352: Standards Based Grading - Why Not? PSCC, Smoke Tree BCortney Powers • Malaka Mallery 353: Creative Forms of Assessment in Calculus PSCC, Smoke Tree CEmily Dennett • Chris Bolognese 354: Exploring Statistical Inference with Visualizations PSCC, Smoke Tree FJennifer Waters • Randi Munch 355: Core of the Core: Finding Instructional Efficiencies Renaissance, CactusHeather Dallas • Eden Murphy 356: MRWC: Surprising Connections Within High School Math Ideas Renaissance, SierraGreisy Winicki Landman 357: Sparking Joy Through Imaginative Math Tasks Hilton, Oasis 3Anne Marie Almaraz • Melody Morris 358: THE Great Applied Problem with 60 Individualized Problems Hilton, Plaza ATom Reardon 381: Exploring Mathematics via Culturally Relevant Instruction Renaissance, Mojave Lrng CtrPaul Gray 382: Power in Numbers: Building a District Level Math Community Renaissance, VenturaPatricia Vandenberg • Derek Bub 371: 3 Engaging Methods To Uncover And Fix Hidden Misconceptions PSCC, Oasis 3ROBERT KAPLINSKY 372: I'm All Ears Listening to Understand Student Thinking Renaissance, AndreasTammy Baumann • Ted Coe 373: Let's Give Them Something to Talk About Renaissance, Pueblo AAndrea Wood 374: Cultural Competency for Equitable Math Instruction Renaissance, Pueblo BIndia White 375: The Hesabu Circle: Building the Identities of Black Learners Hilton, TapestryRobin Wilson • Kagba Suaray 376: No Problem at All! Problem-Based Learning for All Renaissance, Chino BErin Brand-Delgado • Carlton Grizzle 311: Routines in the Math Classroom PSCC, Primrose AZachary Champagne 312: I Am a Mathematician PSCC, Mesquite AMichelle Tos 331: Do You Speak Math? Using Language to Learn Mathematics PSCC, Primrose DKatie Rhee 332: Hanging Math Out to Dry: Using K-6 Clotheslines PSCC, Mesquite BKristen Acosta 333: Empowering Voices: Multilingual Learners' Access to Math PSCC, Mesquite CAnthony Quan • Soomin Chao 334: No Materials? No Curriculum? No Time? No Problem. PSCC, Mesquite DShawn Goehring 335: Data Science in the Elementary School PSCC, Mesquite EJeffrey Linder • Rania Mather 336: Discovering Place Value through Schlopps and Zooms! PSCC, Mesquite FJennifer Moffett 337: Mathematizing Children's Literature PSCC, Mesquite GKaron Akins • Dennis Regus 301: We Forward In This Generation Triumphantly PSCC, Primrose BShakiyya Bland

3:30pm PDT

458: A Strengths-Based Approach to Develop Mathematical Thinking Hilton, Horizon IIAmy Lucenta 421: Teach Fractions with Deep Understanding and Success for All! PSCC, Primrose CDonna Knoell 422: The Intervention Roadmap- How to Support Struggling Students PSCC, Mesquite HMichael Fitchett 423: Creating a Math Thinking Classroom PSCC, Smoke Tree DJanet Nasir • Dino Luna 431: The Development of Data Representation and Analysis PSCC, Primrose ACathy Fosnot • Greg Bryant 463: Promoting Authentic Engagement & Rigor with the 5 Practices Renaissance, Chino ABrianna Ruiz 464: How Much Do You Really Want That Coffee? Renaissance, Chino BAllan Bellman 465: The TEAM Tool: Teaching Equity-minded and Active Mathematics Renaissance, Santa RosaAlison Marzocchi • Christine Gamez 467: Flop or Not? Exploring and Modeling with Movie Data Hilton, Oasis 2Dalton Marsh 468: Step into Coding Hilton, Oasis 3Jeramie Oliveira 469: Readiness+ Engagement + Connections = Joy of Experiencing Math Hilton, Palm CanyonCarol Treglio 441: Refresh Your View of Algebra Topics in Middle School Hilton, Plaza AMark Goldstein • Cynthia Raff 442: Modern Classroom Project: How to Meet Every Student's Needs Hilton, Plaza BLisa Brooks 443: Building Thinking Desmos Classrooms: 2 Teachers Journeys Hilton, Plaza CSara Odioso • Tori Franklin 444: Embedding Acceleration with Student Interactions Hilton, Plaza DTatiana Mirzaian • Cyndia Acker-Ramirez 451: Incorporating Inquiry Based Learning in HS Math Classrooms PSCC, Smoke Tree AKaren Swing 452: Using Manipulatives and Investigations to Teach Geometry PSCC, Smoke Tree BMicheal Marsh 453: STEM ‚ From Beginning to End, Mathematics is Everywhere! PSCC, Smoke Tree CBetty Gasque 454: Fun with FRAPPYs: Making AP Statistics FRQs More Fun PSCC, Smoke Tree FChrystine Lee • Cathy Lichodziejewski 455: Enjoying Student Voice: Teacher Joy Drives Systemic Change Renaissance, CactusKiera Brodsky Chase • Vinci Daro 456: MRWC: Exploring High School Math Via Collaboration Renaissance, SierraLaura Wallace 457: Exploring the Socio-Economics of Standardized Test Scores Hilton, TapestryNaehee Kwun • Kyndall Brown 482: Reimagining PD: A Better Way to Grow Equity-Focused Teachers Renaissance, VenturaChase Orton 471: You Have to Choose: Removing Barriers via Reflective Stories Renaissance, CatalinaSean Nank • Jackie Murawska 472: Finding the Joy in Math When You Have Math Anxiety Renaissance, AndreasHeidi Sabnani 473: Mathematical Coaching for the WIN! Renaissance, Pueblo AAna Murphy • Priscilla Johnson 474: Using Virtual Manipulatives to Explore and Discover Math Renaissance, Pueblo BDavid Poras 475: Customizing Digital Interactive Open Resources w/ GeoGebra Renaissance, San JacintoMonique Zhou 411: Making Mathematics Meaningful with Community Connected Tasks PSCC, Mesquite ABecky Holden 412: Leveraging Body-Brain Connection as Intervention PSCC, Smoke Tree EJen Hunt 432: All Access Pass to Meaningful Math PSCC, Primrose DHeather Sander • Kurt Whited 434: Joyfully Connecting the Dots - Domino Math Games PSCC, Mesquite CJane Felling 435: Bridging Elementary Math through the Power of Progressions PSCC, Mesquite DNoam Szoke • Jennifer Hein deMause 436: The Number Line: It's More Than Just Counting (Much More!) PSCC, Mesquite EDawn Caine • Jennifer Young 437: Our Children Are Not Numbers PSCC, Mesquite FShelbi Cole • Michelle Sperling 438: Who's Doing the Thinking in Your Class? Let's Share the Joy PSCC, Mesquite GKim Webb • Joseph Lamb 401: Sparking Curiosity PSCC, Primrose BHowie Hua 402: "This Joy That I Have!" The Beauty of People in Math Hilton, Horizon ILou Matthews 433: Essential Elements of Lesson Design TK-5 PSCC, Mesquite BInland Empire Math Council 481: Joy in 6-8 Math: Experiences of a Novice & Veteran Teacher Renaissance, Mojave Lrng CtrJanet Lee-Ortiz • Jennifer Camacho
Saturday, November 5

8:30am PDT

521: Because I'm Learning English Doesn't Mean I Can't do Math! Hilton, Palm CanyonCathy Marks Krpan 522: Area by Design Hilton, Plaza ATherisa Cash 523: Finding Joy and Inspiration in Student Thinking Hilton, TapestryDennis Regus • Karon Akins 561: How to Entice All Students to Engage in Learning Mathematics PSCC, Primrose CIvan Cheng • Lindsey Sanders 562: Math Puzzles and Warm-ups to Spark Curiosity and Joy PSCC, Mesquite BJackie Murawska 563: Exploring Computational Thinking and Coding in Math Class PSCC, Mesquite CCurtis Brown 564: Metacognitive Math: How to Integrate Skills & the Practices PSCC, Mesquite EMarilyn Saucedo • Ed. D • Robert Crowe 565: Helping Students Find Joy by Finding their Voice PSCC, Mesquite FPhillip Turner • Lacy Knight 566: Building Math Identity Through the Use of Rich Math Tasks PSCC, Mesquite HMartha Barrett 567: SUPPLEMENTING DATA SCIENCE INTO YOUR MATH CLASSROOM PSCC, Smoke Tree EMichael Larson 568: Tangible 3-D Volume Renaissance, Chino AJennifer Chiu 569: Geometry Sense Making and Practice with Visual Tools Renaissance, SierraJedidiah Butler 541: Math Milestones 6-8: The Math of Your Grade on a Single Page PSCC, Primrose APhil Daro • Jun Li 542: Exploring Math through Rich Authentic Tasks PSCC, Mesquite ANancy Butler Wolf • Alexis Wolf 543: Video in the Middle (VIM) - Free Online and Self Paced PD PSCC, Mesquite DBrent Jackson • Cathy Carroll 544: Designing Inclusive Discourse-Rich Math Learning Environment PSCC, Mesquite GGladis Kersaint 545: I Have a Block to Teach Math: Now What? PSCC, Smoke Tree ARob Baier 501: So That's How That Works: Engaging Explorations in Mathematics PSCC, Primrose BThomasenia Lott Adams 552: Sound: A new representation of sinusoidal functions PSCC, Smoke Tree BNicole Sebek • Joanne Rossi Becker 553: Fundamental Theorem of Calculus: both FUN & MENTAL PSCC, Smoke Tree CBrent Ferguson 555: Implementing Data Science: The End of Dead-End Math Renaissance, CactusStephanie Melville • Karen Givvin 556: Geometry Activities - Rediscovering the connection to life PSCC, Smoke Tree FPrincess Choi-Carlson • Miguel Saucedo 557: Shamir Secret Sharing: Polynomial Applications in Encryption PSCC, Smoke Tree DJulian Rojas • Isai Lopez 581: Leading Collaborative Inquiry Teams Renaissance, Mojave Lrng CtrRuth Sebastian • Mark Jutabha 582: Our Aspiration: Instilling Joy in Leaders of Math Renaissance, VenturaKarin Lee • Jordan Smith Jr. 572: Arithmetic to Algebra: The Untaken Magical Journey PSCC, Oasis 3Sunil Singh 573: Purposeful Questioning: Elevate Sense-Making and Access Renaissance, CatalinaMardi Gale 574: Math Moments: Harnessing Fun to Build Grit and Understanding Renaissance, AndreasSean Reidy 575: How "Rote" Has Eroded the Value of Memorization in Math Renaissance, Chino BLiesl McConchie 576: Social Emotional & Academic Development in Math Classrooms Renaissance, Pueblo AAstrid Fossum • Jennie Beltramini 577: Inspiring Mathematical Joy through Year-Round Engagement Renaissance, Pueblo BMa Bernadette Salgarino • Spencer Bowen 578: Literacy - the Gatekeeper to Math Renaissance, San JacintoPriscilla Johnson • Ana Murphy 579: Innovative Measurement of Student Reasoning Renaissance, Santa RosaMichelle Sidwell • Heather Dallas 511: The Joy of Counting & Exploring: Connecting Literacy & Math Hilton, Oasis 2Zenaida Gallardo • Claudia Maldonado 512: Intentional and Playful: Building on Children's Math Ideas Hilton, Oasis 3Angela Turrou • Nick Johnson 531: Making a Difference in Teaching Subtraction in K-5 Hilton, Horizon IIJennifer Bay-Williams 532: Everything is Awesome! Everything is Cool in a Math Group! Hilton, Plaza BMatt Sheelen • Ruth Smith 533: Integrating ELD and Math-What a Joy! Hilton, Plaza CAmy Wert • Katie Crosbie 534: Math Shouldn't Be Silent! Discourse Worth Shouting About Hilton, Plaza DNancy Shaw • Rebecca Gutierrez 571: Problem-based Learning? No problem! PSCC, Primrose DKathleen Sheehy 502: Letting Students Take the Lead Hilton, Horizon IMegan Franke

10:30am PDT

621: Math Milestones 3-5: The Math of Your Grade on a Single Page Hilton, Oasis 3Jun Li • Harold Asturias 622: The Price Is Right -- Exploring Decimal Multiplication Hilton, Palm CanyonHelen Chan • Michelle Sidwell 623: Investigating Big Ideas through Student Thinking Hilton, Plaza AJenny Cheng 624: Making sense of word problems with tape diagrams Hilton, TapestryDuane Habecker • Emily Tietjen 660: Dear Math: Student Storytelling About Math Renaissance, SierraSarah Strong 661: Up for Debate! Routines to Build Discussion & Argumentation PSCC, Primrose CChris Luzniak 663: Accelerating Student Learning PSCC, Mesquite CDaniel Ilaria • Curtis Brown 664: Who's Learning During Learning Walks? PSCC, Mesquite ECourtney Ortega • Mary Reed 665: Teaching What You Ought While Using Student Thought PSCC, Mesquite FJanet Sutorius 666: The Joy of Being Wrong PSCC, Mesquite HManuel Lopez 667: Making Notes Matter - Note taking and Organization For All PSCC, Smoke Tree EJolene McGarrah 668: Wealth Inequality and Everyday Hidden Statistics PSCC, Smoke Tree FJennifer Hagman • Naehee Kwun 669: Accommodations in Mathematics through Mindfulness Renaissance, Chino AJennifer Silva • Becky Hayden 641: That's Not Fair! Developing Powerful Mathematical Thinking PSCC, Primrose ABrad Fulton 642: Promote Joy and Engagement by Connecting Big Ideas PSCC, Mesquite ACynthia Raff 643: How Might We Rethink Intervention? PSCC, Mesquite DKaren Wootton 644: Fostering Perseverance with Student Interactions PSCC, Mesquite GKatie Laskasky • Tatiana Mirzaian 645: Sparking Curiosity with Problem Solving: Raising Student Voice Renaissance, CatalinaCecilio Dimas 651: When is Equal not Equitable? Math Modeling in Geometry PSCC, Smoke Tree AJoanne Becker 652: GeoGebra as a Strategic Tool to Model and Solve Problems PSCC, Smoke Tree BJose Contreras • Armando Martinez 653: Math of the Dragon 2: South LA Engineers Speak PSCC, Smoke Tree CIsai Lopez • Michelle Welford 654: #SlowMath: Looking for and Making Use of Structure PSCC, Smoke Tree DJennifer Wilson • Liz Ramirez 656: Student-created videos promote excitement and understanding Renaissance, CactusLinda Saeta • Maria Flores 662: Essential Elements of Lesson Design 6-12 PSCC, Mesquite BInland Empire Math Council 681: Building and Sustaining An Equitable Mathematics Initiative Renaissance, Mojave Lrng CtrCole Sampson • Kyle Atkin 682: Student Voice Guides Our Journey to Restoring Joy in Math Renaissance, VenturaStephanie Verners • Joseph Lamb 672: Restore Wonder to Class & Bring Peace to your Pacing Guide PSCC, Oasis 3Matt Vaudrey • Patricia Vandenberg 673: Are Culturally Responsive AssessmentsvPossible? Renaissance, AndreasSarah Whitney • Tammy Baumann 674: Play Math: It Matters It's for Everyone & Builds Community Renaissance, Chino BAudrey Mendivil • Mark Alcorn 675: What Mistake? How to Transform Mistakes into Insights. Renaissance, Pueblo AJoshua Bean 676: Uncovering the Joy of Math: It's Not What You Think Renaissance, Pueblo BBrandon Smith 677: ELP's + SMP's = Student Success in the Math Classroom Renaissance, San JacintoLaurel Cherry • Eboney McKinney 678: Ready for Your Close-up? Using Moviemaking as Assessment Renaissance, Santa RosaGeorgia Terlaje • Jessica Pack 611: Play and Learn Math: Number Lines Hilton, Horizon IISusan Kunze • Abby Sada 612: Creating Space for Student Voice Through Daily Number Sense Hilton, Oasis 2Jennifer Young • Dawn Caine 631: SMP Rich Instruction: The Key to Restoring the Joy of Math Hilton, Plaza BJoseph Lamb • Kim Webb 632: Math and Movement: Actively Engaging Math Thinkers and Doers Hilton, Plaza CAmy Rosen 633: Student Thinking at the Center of Teacher Learning Hilton, Plaza DDr. Jody Guarino • John Drake 601: Teaching Mathematics for Social Justice PSCC, Primrose BKristopher Childs 671: Has Your Classroom Lost That Loving Feeling? Learn Four Tips for Helping You and Your Students (Re)discover a Love of Mathematics. PSCC, Primrose DFAWN NGUYEN 602: “I found a short-cut!” Building Joy and Fluency for Fractions Hilton, Horizon IMelissa Boston

1:15pm PDT

721: Using Student Explanations as a Tool to Understand Fractions Hilton, Oasis 3Suzanne Abdelrahim • Hilda Yudess 722: Why Don't My Students Know Their Math Facts? Hilton, Palm CanyonCassandra Turner 723: A Framework for Trusting Our Students to Do the Math Hilton, Plaza ADionne Aminata 724: Green Lead Red ~ An Alternative to Timed Tests Hilton, Plaza BKathy Kuno • Tammy Striler 725: Removing Barriers to Learning Mathematics Hilton, TapestryMelanie Janzen • Cole Sampson 760: Different Students Different Joy Renaissance, SierraBruce Grip 761: Pillars & Practices: Ungrading Inspires Joy in All Students PSCC, Primrose CNolan Fossum 762: Are You READY?: Creating Intentional Pathways to Success PSCC, Primrose DSarah Galasso 763: Building Better Assessments Through Student Voice PSCC, Mesquite BPatrick Callahan 764: Building Confidence in Math thru Equitable Grading Practices PSCC, Mesquite EMichael Doll 765: Let's Do Math Together! Teaching Strategies that Spark Joy. PSCC, Mesquite FCaline Smith 766: Exploring Rigorous Instruction Through Engagement for Equity PSCC, Mesquite HLisa Ceja • Jennifer Hunter 767: Teaching Mathematics - An Intuitive Approach PSCC, Smoke Tree ERobert Vriesman 768: The Problem Based Classroom: More Than Just Tasks Renaissance, CatalinaGeoff Krall 769: Benefits of Using Student-made Videos: A How-to Guide Renaissance, Chino AJoe DiOrio • Drew Ishii 741: Make Math Practices a Routine Focus of Problem Solving PSCC, Primrose AGrace Kelemanik • Amy Lucenta 742: Puzzles Patterns and Cooperative Problem Solving Spark Joy PSCC, Mesquite AVicki Vierra • Julie Prater 743: Generalizing & Symbolizing: Essentials of Elementary Algebra PSCC, Mesquite DBobby Ojose 744: Reimagining Fluency Through Powerful Routines PSCC, Mesquite GJessica Reyes • Ally Wojciechowski 751: Find Joy in Exploring Sequences and Series PSCC, Smoke Tree AKimberley Thomas 752: Taking Trig to Task PSCC, Smoke Tree BScott Hendrickson 753: Building Connecting Pieces From Geometry to Slope Fields PSCC, Smoke Tree CRandi C Arvanitis • Jennifer Waters 754: Transformations to Build Conceptual Understanding PSCC, Smoke Tree DClaire Verti 755: Exploring Functions Using Data PSCC, Smoke Tree FKatherine Martinez 756: Take a Wild Ride on Your Own Function Roller Coaster! Renaissance, CactusBarbara Kuehl 779: A Gathering of Leaders: Time to Connect, Collaborate, and Build Capacity Renaissance, Pasadena/MaderaSean Nank • Jackie Murawska 782: In Lesson Study Focal Students Excel in Grade Level Math Renaissance, VenturaSusie Hakansson • Doreen Heath Lance 771: Building a Coherent Instructional System Around Open Educational Resources PSCC, Mesquite CWilliam McCallum 772: Designing from the Margins; Our Journey with UDL Math PSCC, Oasis 3Rachel Lambert • Jacqueline Booker 773: Student Ownership: An Equitable Approach to Elevating All Renaissance, AndreasRobert Crowe • Jane Kennedy 774: Math Music Brings Joy to the Math Classroom Renaissance, Chino BLaMar Queen 775: Teachers Pave a Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction: IYKYK Renaissance, Pueblo ACrystal Watson • Shelbi Cole 776: Joy of Doing Math with Colleagues Renaissance, Pueblo BAngela Torres • Estelle Woodbury 777: The Neuroscience of How I Teach vs How They Learn Renaissance, San JacintoNigel Nisbet 778: Re-making Notions of Culture in Math Teaching: The Culture Renaissance, Santa RosaJill Griffin • La Mont Terry 711: Pathway to Numeracy: Laying the Foundation for Joy Hilton, Horizon IIAndrea Kotowski • Aubrey Ruhser 712: Building a Fluency Routine for Early Learners Hilton, Oasis 2Brittany Goerig 731: Math Routines: Joy to Start your Day Hilton, Plaza CAlison Williams • Ashley Serrin 732: The Joy of Struggle: Neurodiversity and Math with Meaning Hilton, Plaza DJoanna Hayman 701: Public Math Pop-Up: Build Your Own Math Installation PSCC, Primrose BMOLLY DALEY 702: Opportunities for Joyful Sense-making within Assigned Curriculum Hilton, Horizon IBethany Lockhart Johnson (Please print Bethany Lockhart Johnson on all material • but legal last name is now Johnson • no hyphen) 781: Bringing Our Community Together to Bolster Teacher Prep Renaissance, Mojave Lrng CtrKatey Arrington

3:15pm PDT

821: Multiple Representations: The Key to Problem-Based Learning Hilton, Oasis 3Jeff Lisciandrello 822: Seeing is believing: Using manipulatives to learn fractions Hilton, Palm CanyonVeronica Enriquez • Erika Davalos-Lemus 823: Encouraging Bold Math Scholars Using Read Alouds Hilton, Plaza AJennie Wideman 824: Mathematical Reasoning: The Force Awakens Hilton, Plaza BTonja Parkin • Cassandra Gartung 825: Whiz Kids: Strategies to Support Kids' Mathematical Thinking Hilton, TapestryJane Kennedy • Lesley Fields 860: Math Equations While Evading a Tiger? Gulp... Math Anxiety. Renaissance, SierraRobert Ahdoot 861: Watching Magic Happen: Joy and Curiosity in a Lab Math Class PSCC, Primrose CVinci Daro • Kiera Chase 862: 4 Mathematicians Walk into a Bar: Math Knowledge 4 Teaching PSCC, Primrose DEmily Tietjen • Duane Habecker 864: Learn to Count. Seriously. Exploring Combinatorics PSCC, Mesquite CChuck Biehl 865: How to Guide students through Productive Struggle PSCC, Mesquite ETricia Hart • Patricia Vandenberg 866: What is "The" Meaning of a Point in a Coordinate Plane? PSCC, Mesquite FHalil Tasova 867: Stronger Summatives PSCC, Mesquite HMaggie Cenan • Chris Luzniak 868: Increasing Discourse and Engagement in the Classroom PSCC, Smoke Tree ESherri Abel 869: Improving Equitable Access: 4 Tips & 2 Things to Avoid Renaissance, Chino ACorey Taylor 841: Adapting Middle School Tasks for Deeper Learning PSCC, Primrose ARob Hilliker • Jenifer Fernandez 842: Closing the Middle School Gap with Math Games PSCC, Mesquite APatricia Dickenson 844: Breaking Down Math Contest Problems to Build Confidence PSCC, Mesquite GJohn Lensmire 845: The Joy of Teaching and Learning Through the CRA Model Renaissance, CatalinaMarylou Long • Joaquin Castillo 851: Mathematical Modeling and Self-Efficacy: What How and Why PSCC, Smoke Tree AJon Foster 852: Dilations Foundation PSCC, Smoke Tree BTravis Lemon 855: Math Joy with Problem Solving: Explore Solve Pose. Repeat. PSCC, Smoke Tree FArmando Martinez Cruz • Phil Turner 882: Designing Collaborations Teachers Want and Students Need Renaissance, VenturaCyndia Acker-Ramirez • Katie Laskasky 871: Math Without Mistakes PSCC, Oasis 3Dan Meyer 872: Say Cheese: DOK and AOR Through a New Lens Renaissance, AndreasWilliam Nolan • Sarka Mraz 873: Same But Different Math: A Routine to Promote Equity Renaissance, CactusSue Looney 875: Everyday Instruction through the Lens of the SMPs Renaissance, Pueblo AJudy Hickman 877: New framework: A Guide to The Curriculum Selection Process Renaissance, San JacintoMaryEllen Nicholson • Laily Jefferson 878: My Journey with Geovany Renaissance, Santa RosaRebecca Pariso 811: Beautiful Mathematical Explanations in the Primary Classroom Hilton, Horizon IISolana Ray 812: Rigor and Play in PreK TK and Kindergarten Mathematics Hilton, Oasis 2Debbie Leslie • Becky Criollo 831: Developing Multiplication Fact Fluency in Meaningful Ways Hilton, Plaza CGina Kling 832: Launching Strategy Sharing Conversations Hilton, Plaza DNick Johnson • Angela Turrou 801: How Mathematicians Play: Creating a Culture of Ownership Rigor and Joy in Math Class PSCC, Primrose BDan Finkel 802: We are change agents: Community Math Modeling in Grades K-5 Hilton, Horizon IJulia Aguirre 881: Syntax as a Tool for Thought Renaissance, Mojave Lrng CtrSteven Abell
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